Hi!  My name is Taylor and I am  23 years old, born on Aug 30th. I am currently about to finish my Marketing Management certificate while working at The Face Shop. Right now, I live with my mom and attend school in the Greater Toronto Area. I was born in Canada, and I love Korean, Chinese and Japanese food. I am a huge fan of Korean and Japanese fashion, and I am obsessed with cute things like decoden, phone charms and pastels. I love watching anime and playing video games and spend a lot of my time doing one of those things. I created this blog to share my ideas on fashion, makeup, culture, food, video games and music through my writing.I hope that you enjoy my posts, and if you like what you see on my blog you should check my twitter, instagram, or tumblr where I am also active (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~ *:・゚✧


♥ Likes:
Phone charms and squishies
K-Pop + J-Pop
Indie music
Shoujo Manga + Anime
Cute things

Passive Agressive personalities
Loud noises
Most Rap music
Violence and gore


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