Choies Sponsored Review (人●´ω`●)


I LOVE these shorts! I've been wearing them almost every day lately haha...they work so well with cropped tops which has been an obsession of mine since forever....They also don't make my bum hang out the back, so they're a little more conservative. I just really love the overall aesthetic of them. They also came with the belt which is a huge bonus for me since I often have a hard time finding belts in my size.

For the price of these jeans, I got the quality I expected. They were sponsored - but I think the price on Choies is only $20.99 so you can't expect them to be high-quality denim. That being said, the lightness of the denim makes them a lot less restricting and they feel airy which I really like when its hot outside. My only complaint is that the stitching on the waist is a bit itchy so I'd prefer to wear a long t-shirt tucked into them rather than having it rub my bare skin. But its not to the point that I'm being irritated. 


These fit me surprisingly well considering I usually have a really hard time finding the right size shorts. I got a small and it fits me really well. Normally my legs look like tooth picks sticking out of shorts, but not with these shorts. The waist is also the right size for me and they aren't baggy in my butt like I had expected. Overall I'm super happy with the fitting ^u^


LOVE LOVE LOVE these shorts. So happy with them! I'm extremely thankful for Choies to sponsoring them to me. I highly recommend getting a pair. These come in sizes XS - XL so I DEFINITELY recommend them for everyone and anyone! I think these can look really great with most shirts and all body types!


  1. I've been eyeing shorts like these for ages~ but im scared about the fitting with my body, they fit really nicely on you though! :)

    1. I think these kind of shorts can look nice on everyone since they're oversized ~
      thank you ^^

  2. Those shorts look good on you! Your blog is so kawaii!