Beautiful Halo Sponsored Tees (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡

Recently, Beautiful Halo sponsored me three adorable teeshirts, as pictured below. I chose three different styles that can all be worn with a plain pair of denim shorts. I hope you find this review helpful + I hope you like how I've styled each of the shirts :)

 Parental Advisory Crop Top - 

I love everything about this one. This was actually the first one I chose because I've really wanted a shirt like this for a while. I love black+white because it goes with any colour. The shirt fits perfectly, its super good quality considering the price and I really love the design. 5/5 for everything.

Something about this tee shirt is just so adorable. I feel like it could be worn in a cute way or a sexy way depending on how you accessorize. I went for a more cutesy look because I wore a small side-pony with a bow since I think that way suits me better. Shirt is comfortable, fits perfectly and is good quality. Something about this shirt has a very k-fashiony feel to it which I love. Another 5/5 shirt.

I was considering giving this shirt 4 stars at first, because its a bit see-through if you wear a dark-coloured bra, but I think thats pretty typical of all white shirts so I'm going to let it slide. Everything about this shirt is wonderful besides that. I love the design, its high quality and soft, and the bows on the side give it a girly touch to make it less plain-looking. I could wear it with a skirt or with shorts and still achieve that cute, nautical look. Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised with this shirt since I wasn't too sure about choosing it. 5/5!


  1. I really like the second shirt! Super cute and fun :D
    Stomach goals srsly ;-;

    1. aw tysm *^*
      tbh my stomach isn't really that flat, its mostly just like camera angle/ and i took this before I ate so I was pretty hungry LOL

  2. They are so adorable and you look great in them!