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Egg + Onigiri T-Shirts

Egg Tee

I have no idea who started it, but eggs have become super popular (especially within the "aesthetic" tumblr community) so I figured I'd choose an egg-centric shirt. I really love the design, its clean and simple, which makes it go together well with plain skirts and jeans. 

For some reason the quality of the white shirt is not as good as the black one??? LOL I'm not really sure why, maybe you could get the black version online if you wanted to purchase it. Personally, the white colour makes up for it for me, so I don't really mind that the collar of the shirt is a little rougher. 

Its just a plain t-shirt so it fits like a charm. I believe its one size on their website, which would be the equivalent of a small or medium in north american sizes. 

I love it! I could probably wear it every day to be honest...


Onigiri Tee

My only issue with the black version of the shirt is that my mom thought they were piano keys and didn't realize that they were onigiri right away lol. I like the pink + black combo. I just wish the onigiri were filled in with white, and the outline was on the seaweed part and not the rice part. 

Like I mentioned on the white one, the black shirt feels a little softer than the white for some reason. Just be careful that you don't shrink the shirts in the wash if you buy it since its a cotton-based tee.

Fits wonderfully. Its one-size as well, so it fits to about a small/medium in US/CAD sizes.

I really love this shirt. It goes so well with my black thigh-high socks :3


  1. The shirts are really cute!! I want to get the egg one but hahaha I'm not sure how well that would match my wardrobe. I'm really digging the trend though

    1. yeah I never thought I'd see the day where I wore a shirt with eggs on it, but I actually really like it haha

  2. I want that black onigiri shirt hohoho