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Pink High Waist Skater Skirt + White Lace Spaghetti Strap Top

Pink High Waist Skater Skirt

The design is quite plain and simple. I really like the colour and the shape of the skirt. It looks just like the stock photos on Choies' site. 

The quality is overall quite nice. The only issue I have is that the bottom of the skirt isn't hemmed, so it looks like it was cut directly from the fabric and has not been altered. I'm worried that it could fray over time. 

Ah I'm so disappointed with the fitting! I checked the measurements on their website, and they stated that the medium was 70cm waist. My waist measurements are 71cm, so I assumed that it would fit, if not be a little bit tight. However, the skirt is wayyyy to big around my waist, to the point of it falling down if I don't roll it up or pin it. I'm going to have to make some alterations probably. As well, the skirt goes pretty long without me rolling it. So far I guess the best solution for me would be to roll it up, but I really wish it fit better :/

To anyone with similar measurements to me, I suggest going with the small. I went with the medium based on the measurements on their website, but normally I am a small size, so I wish I had ordered a small. Other than that, I am happy with the skirt.

White Lace Spaghetti Strap Top

This shirt is really pretty and I really love the fabric. Everything about the design is nice, except the straps on the shirt. I find that they sit at awkward positions on the two sides, which looks odd on my shoulders. I think the shirt would be better off as a strapless top or with the straps repositioned. 

I'm quite disappointed with the quality as well. I don't know why, but I was expecting it to be stretchy since it is a camisole. Its actually incredibly inflexible, and has a zipper at the side. Even with the zipper, I was having a hard time getting it on, and when I finally got it over my head it was not very comfortable. As you can see, there were two GIGANTIC inserts in the bra, and they are a weird styrofoam material that felt way-too-thick. I ended up cutting them out myself because of how ridiculous they made my chest look.

Even with the chest alteration, I am quite unhappy with the fitting. It was a one-size option on Choies' site, but the measurements looked to fit my proportions. Unfortunately, it seems my bust does not meet this shirt's expectations because my breasts do NOT fill out the top and I end up looking flat-chested despite having a decent B-cup. Whats worse is that the inserts in the bra were ENORMOUS to the point that if I wore a bra my breasts looked like a double D but clearly did not fill it out, but if I didn't wear a bra, the shirt rode up to my armpits and my breasts looked to be on my collar bones. After taking out the inserts, it was a slight improvement, but the shirt still rode up to an awkward place, even though I loosened the straps completely. I'm quite disappointed with the fit. 

I'm really disappointed with this one. All of the reviews on Choies' site were 5/5, so I expected it to be better. I would not recommend buying this shirt unless you have a cup size of 34D or more. I'm a 32C/34B and did not fill out the shirt at all. Not only that, but you also have to have a waist measurement of 70 or less. I don't really understand how anyone besides barbie or a model is supposed to fit this shirt ; - ;"


  1. Nice review! i never really trust measurements on any site, i kind of just get a small/one size option and wish for the best hahahaha!
    I've actually seen that top before and I thought it looked really pretty~ too bad it wasnt such a good top in the end :(

    1. yeah I normally fit into the one-size options for most places ; - ; I'm really surprised about the top being so odd-fitting because I've seen a lot of people with the same one D:

  2. The lacy top looked so good, shame the fitting isn't good at all ~.~

    1. yeah :( the cautions of online shopping~