Sheinside Sweater Pictures + Review ʚ♡⃛ɞ

Pink Cropped Sweater review from Sheinside


I really like the design of this crop top. The pattern on the front is very detailed and there are tiny holes that will show your shirt underneath which gives off a very delicate feel to the sweater. 
The sweater is a light orangey-pink, it looks more pink or more orange depending on the lighting. These photos were all taken under natural light and you can see that its a very light salmon pink.


It is a cropped sweater, so it fits to just above my belly button. I would have liked it to be a bit more stretchy just because it is a knit sweater, so putting it on a clothes hanger is a bit difficult and I'm afraid if it shrinks it won't cover very much. I would not recommend getting this sweater if you have a large bust (36 D+) just because the sweater won't cover enough. I have a petite figure, and as you can see in the photo above, it covers just enough. 


Overall, the quality is quite good. I'm a little put off by the back just because it is tied together and it looks a bit fragile, but the top is closed at the very top so I'm less worried about it falling apart and more worried about the string stretching out the fabric. Besides that though, the quality of the sweater is excellent and not itchy at all.

I really love this sweater, and I'm glad I purchased it from Sheinside. The sweater comes in many other colours including black, cream and wine red so if you like the style of the sweater, but not the colour then you could choose a different one. I would recommend this sweater to anyone of a similar body type, but do be aware that you would have to wear high waisted shorts/pants or skirts or your stomach would show. 


  1. I love the sweater!

  2. oooo its a really nice colour :D you have the cutest fashion sense <3
    the back is kind of interesting too, i've never seen something like that haha

    1. aw thank you (✿˙ω˙✿) yeah I wasn't expecting it, but I've gotten quite a few compliments so I guess thats good LOL

  3. Really like the colour of the sweater. ♡ the back does look a bit fragile, but it gives the sweater an unique look c:

    P.s. love the outfit you put together! *-*

    xx Courtney

    1. aw thank you sweetheart uwu
      yeah I think I'm starting to like the back a bit more hehe