GEO Princess Mimi Lens Review (。✪ω✪。)



Base Curve : 8.7mm

Diameter: 14.5 mm

Replacement period: 12 months

Water Content: 38%


Indoor Lighting

Natural Lighting


These lenses are very natural looking. They make my eyes look naturally brown without looking too obvious. The only issue I have with them is that up close they look a tad pixelly (which you can see a bit in the first picture.) I think this is pretty normal for a lot of lenses with this sort of design so I'm not too upset by it, but it does take away from the naturalness a little.



Flash Photography

Indoor Lighting

Natural Lighting 

These lenses are pretty average in diameter so they are very comfortable and easy to wear. They could easily be worn daily throughout the day I think without becoming uncomfortable. They are also extremely easy to put in, they don't bend or anything annoying like that. I'm extremely happy with their quality.



These lenses were actually a gift from my friend for Christmas! She packaged it adorably with puffy stickers and wrapping paper. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture before I opened it so I can't show you all, but it was definitely adorable. 
I can't really comment too much on Uniqso itself because I didn't order it personally for these, but I'm extremely happy with the lenses and I think they look really nice.



  1. so cute, i love the transition of the lens to your real eye color :)

  2. I really like the blending :D i wonder how they would look on dark brown eyes haha

    1. I think they'd look really natural on dark brown eyes :o

  3. It looks so natural on you, very beautiful :3