Rifle Tights Review from SYNDROME

Rifle Tights from SYNDROME Review


How can I not love the design of these tights? The design is extremely intricate, and made to look almost like I have two guns tattooed on my legs. It looks incredibly cool with skirts and shorts and I feel like these tights can make a boring outfit 10x cooler on their own. 

Size Info: One size
Hip: 33.5-38.5" (85-98cm). 
Suits Height: 4'11"-5'8" (140cm~175cm).

On their website, it says these tights fit up to 5'8''. I'm 5'7''-5'8'' but these tights fit a bit too short on me. I have to stretch them a bit too much to get them to completely cover my legs and butt and over the course of a day they start to fall down. While they are incredibly adorable, they would be much better suited to someone a bit shorter.

These tights are about average quality. Unlike other tights I've purchased from SYNDROME, these tights feel like they can rip easily if over-stretched or if they get caught on my nails so I'm extremely cautious when putting them on.  They are no worse than average tights you buy from a department store in terms of quality, but you're paying a high price for the gun design on a pair of tights that could tear easily, so its a little worrisome. 

If I was a bit shorter, these tights would be my favourite things ever. Unfortunately I'm not, so they aren't ideal for me. However, I would definitely recommend these to my friends who are shorter than me (which is the majority of them because I'm quite tall for a girl!) One thing you have to keep in mind though is that you MUST be careful around sharp objects, and keep your nails trimmed so they won't catch on these because they do feel like they could rip relatively easily.

SYNDROME's service was good quality. It was actually my mom who ordered these tights for me, since things ship more quickly to my home than they do to my current school residence, but she said she had no problems ordering these.



  1. Those tights are lovely! I'd be scared of ripping them if I wore them, I always seem to rip mine.

    rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

    1. yeah every time I wear them there's paranoia in my mind because I've ruined so many nice pairs of tights ; n ;

  2. i always rip my tights, it's unavoidable haha! But I like the design~ your outfit is really cute too!

    1. yeah ; - ; I just hate ripping them in like 1-2 wears. Aw thank you ^u^