Beautiful Halo Sponsored Review ✿

Beautiful Halo Sponsored Review

While I really do like both items, I'm a little sad that the teeshirt is more like yellow and pink rather than white and pink, because in the picture on the Beautiful Halo site, it looks a lot paler in colour (more of a light pink and white.) 
The shorts are what I expected, but they aren't as high waisted as I had hoped. Other than that, I'm happy with the design because it is how I expected them to look.

To be honest, I was expecting mediocre quality because they are relatively inexpensive pieces of clothing. I was happily surprised when I tried them on because the shirt is good quality and somewhat thick (not like the thin fabrics you find on a lot of tshirts from Taobao) and the shorts are good quality faux leather. 

Both the shorts and the shirt fit properly. While the shorts are elastic-waist, I was still a bit worried that they may fit too tightly because asian clothes tend to fit smaller on me, but these fit well. The shirt is also a perfect fit, as I wanted it to be a bit baggy on me. Both the shirt and the shorts were one size only, so that had me a little worried, but the measurements are accurate on their site. 

The items shipped within the estimated shipping time, and shipping was quite inexpensive as well. My only complaint is that the colour of the shirt was a bit brighter on the website's photo, but regardless I'm happy with the colour. As well, the shorts are a bit less high-waisted than I anticipated, but they still fit well and look nice paired with the shirt.
Both items are on sale right now so you should check them out if you like them!


  1. Hnnng loving them shorts *u* good match with the socks!

  2. I'm glad you had a good experience with this. Great post :)

    Unfortunately, my experience with Beautiful Halo was a bad one.

    When I got my clothes they were made of really weird fabric (they felt kind of like leggings). When I asked for a refund, they said it was my fault for ordering the clothes.

    Their customer service is really bad and, honestly, I feel like I got scammed by them. I would caution anyone to order from their site. They also have no phone number up so it's hard to contact them. Once you buy, you won't get a refund, so purchase with caution.

    1. aw I'm sorry to hear that :( I've only had good experiences with them so far, maybe you just got a bad customer service rep? I know they are based in china, so its very possible that they had miscommunications.
      but yeah, a word of caution is that you can't expect good quality clothing from chinese based brands usually.