KPOP2 Sponsored Review

KPOP2 MI Circle Color Brown Lens Review

Diameter: 14mm
Moisture Content: 38%
BC: 8.6mm
Duration: 6 months

Indoor Lighting

Window Lighting

 Flash Photography
Lens vs. Natural Eye

The design of these lenses is relatively average. They aren't exactly special, which is fine - especially if you are going for a more natural look. They make my eyes look naturally brown, which I really like because I think that brown eyes look really pretty with darker makeup. These lenses aren't particularly enlarging, simply because they have a smaller diameter than a lot of "big eyes" lenses. I gave these lenses a 4/5 because they are relatively plain, even though I kind of like that.

For lenses that are priced at only $10.99, I think its expected that they will be a bit less high-quality than more expensive lenses. That being said, these lenses are definitely comfortable and not hard to put in. They are more bendy than higher priced lenses, and they have a shorter duration period, but they are still a deal at only $10.99. 

I really like these lenses quite a bit. They look incredibly natural, even though a bit of my blue iris shows through at the center of the lens. Even close up, its hard to tell that I'm wearing lenses, so I could wear these out without people staring at me like an alien. These are perfect for cosplaying a brown-eyed character, or for casual use.
As usual, KPOP2 provided excellent service, answering emails promptly and nicely. They also shipped in under a week which is amazing considering that they ship from Korea. I would definitely recommend these lenses if you are looking for inexpensive brown lenses. I'm not sure how they look on darker eyes, but they cover the blue of my eye relatively well and look very natural.

Thanks so much to KPOP2 for sponsoring me, I'm very happy with these lenses.