KPOP 2 Circle Lens Review ʕ∙ჲ∙ʔ

LensMe Shabet Star Pink Lenses from KPOP2 


Diameter: 14mm
Moisture Content: 38%
BC: 8.6mm
Duration: 6 months


Indoor lighting 
(unfortunately I took the photos at night, so there was no natural lighting available)


I bought these lenses because I wanted a pair of pink lenses that looked more natural and less bright pink than normal pink circle lenses do. While these lenses definitely achieve that affect, I find that the only time I actually notice the pink is if I look very closely.

You can see in this picture that there is a faint pinkness, but the natural blue of my eye overwhelms the shade of pink. While I do really like the starry design of the lens, I'm a little disappointed that the pinkness isn't visible on my eye colour. It makes me wonder if it would be more visible on darker eyes. 


These lenses were $10.99 + shipping which is relatively inexpensive for a pair of circle lenses. Thus, you can expect that the quality isn't on the same level as more high-priced lenses. While I do find these lenses easy to wear, I found after wearing them for a bit over 3-4 hours that my eyes dried up quite a lot and started getting red. Since I only wore these lenses for cosplay reasons and I don't plan to wear them casually, I'm not that upset about them drying out quickly, but I wouldn't recommend them to someone who plans to wear them for a while. 


While these lenses work for my cosplay, I'm still a bit disappointed that they don't show up quite as pink as they did in the preview picture. I'm not sure its because I have light-coloured eyes compared to the model in the stock photo posted above, but I feel like it wouldn't have made a difference whether my eyes were brown or blue. 

These lenses are decent quality, but not meant for long-time wear, as they dried up after about 4 hours. I would recommend these lenses to anyone who wants a very subtle pink shade that looks more brown than pink, for a cosplay or for short-term usage. 

KPOP2 provided excellent service, and the shipping was relatively quick considering I ordered these a bit before Christmas time. They sent emails to notify me all shipping information, and answered any questions promptly. 

I hope you find this review helpful!


  1. The design is really nice, too bad it doesnt show up well enough :( the stock photos are always like that, they use a lot of studio lights so the colour shows up better. have you tried using flash?

    1. yeah whenever I use flash my eyes just looks terrifying LOL
      I need to invest in a new camera or better lighting, but since I'm living in a residence right now the lighting is just really poor quality so until I move out or buy a high-quality camera my pictures are gonna be dark ; - ;