Kawaii Blippo Haul + Review ♡

So back in November, I ordered a bunch of cute phone charms from Blippo since I started building my phone case collection, as you can see below. I ordered two donut charms, a chocolate bar charm and a macaron charm and all of them are incredibly cute and match my phone cases just as I had hoped.

 Here is a picture of each of the phone charms I purchased paired with their matching phone case. As you can see, Blippo also sent me a courtesy key-chain along with my order. The pikachu phone charm was not from blippo, but I included it since my friend traveled to Japan over the winter break and bought it for me ~ 

Here are some close-up photos of the phone charms. As you can see they are all very well-made with decoden. The base for each charm is resin, and the decorations are largely made up of silicone, rhinestones, coloured glue, and miniature fruit and sprinkles made from clay polymers.

Now for my review. I'm going to review them all together, since in terms of quality, appearance and overall impression they all achieve the same scores in the end. 

These charms were clearly well made. They are all beautiful, and there is amazing attention payed to the detail of them. Every single rhinestone, tiny polymer fruit slice, and coloured glue streak is perfectly placed and the precision makes these phone charms stunning to behold. They look so realistic that I almost want to eat them.

Though these phone charms are beautiful, one small complaint that I do have is that they are relatively heavy for charms. I fear that the eyelet that attaches them to the strap will fall out because of the weight of the phone charm being overwhelming. However, for now they seem very durable. The silicone holds everything in place, and the resin for the base is very solid. 


Though I do really love these charms, the size of them is a little more than I had expected. As you can see, the chocolate bar charm is almost the same size as my phone, and the pink cruller donut is a close second. The macaron and blue donut are far better due to being smaller than the others, and they are also less heavy. 

Blippo's overall service was excellent. They sent me an email confirming when my order had been placed, and shipped. They also emailed me to confirm that my order had arrived after it had arrived and asked me to review their products and customer satisfaction. Lastly, they included a bonus gift with my purchase.
 However, the estimated time for shipping said 1-2 weeks, but in reality, I ordered these phone charms on November 18th expecting them to arrive before Christmas, but they actually arrived around December 30th when I was in Florida. Because of this, I had to ask my cousin to pick them up for me at my house. Thankfully, there was no issue in receiving the package, but if my cousin hadn't helped me out, I worry that it would have sat in my mailbox for 5 days while I was on vacation. 

The total price for all 4 of these charms, including shipping and the bonus keychain I recieved was a little more than $12! That is an amazing deal considering in order to buy a Sanrio charm from Sanrio store without any shipping at all, its about $6. The quality of these charms makes up for the long waits from shipping, so I would highly recommend ordering from Blippo. 

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