♥ Huge Cabochon Haul ♥

Hi guys! I'm sure many of you have heard of decoden or cabochons, but for those who haven't, they're basically clay and resin charms shaped like food, cute animals, and a variety of other things, and they are primarily used for diy crafts such as phone decoration, charms, and jewelry. 

I'm a huge collector (of literally everything), and one of my hobbies is collecting cabochons and making my own. I recently bought around 120 cabochons on taobao for about $20 + shipping fees.

They came packaged very nicely and the giant panda head cabochon was a gift from the store for ordering a large quantity. 

As you can see there is a huge variety! I have everything from giant whipped creams with sprinkles to tiny jelly beans and puddings. For those of you who like cute foods I'm sure that cabochons would make you extremely happy!

Here are some closer photos of the collection, I organized them by type so that the similar ones are together.

You can purchase your own cabochons through many stores on taobao, but also through etsy shops like SophieToffee Co., Miniature Sweet and many others.

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