Bunny Tights Review from SYNDROME (•ㅅ•)

Bunny Tail Tights from SYNDROME

I ordered these tights from SYNDROME a while back, but I never got around to posting a review on them, so here it is~

These tights look exactly the same way as they did in the original picture on Syndrome's website. They are adorable and can go with almost any outfit because they are black. The upper part is a light sort of peach colour which will look skin colour on anyone with pale skin, but I'm not sure how it would look on darker skin.

These fit me perfectly, which is amazing considering that I have relatively long legs compared to most women. They don't feel like they constrict my movement when I wear them, and I can wear them for a long time without them moving down at all, which sometimes happens with other tights. 

The quality of these tights is actually much better than I expected considering most tights rip relatively easily. These seem a bit thicker, though they will still rip if they get caught by something sharp. But I doubt they'll rip from just being worn around normally.

I really am impressed by these tights. The design of them is adorable, and they are a perfect fit for me. SYNDROME was lovely to deal with, as usual and they provided excellent customer service as well. The shipping was within the estimated time frame, and the packaging for these tights was good quality as well. 


  1. the tights are so cute~~~ I have the same pair as well.

    I got mines from Yesstyle, and they have a lot of selections of different tights too!