✧ Brave Store Sponsored Review ✧

Mint Cat Phone Case from Brave Store

Back of case with Iphone 4S

Front of case with Iphone 4S


This phone case is super adorable and looks exactly like it did in the stock photos from Brave Store. Its a really nice minty blue colour, and the cat face is adorable. Its made of silicone so its very durable and flexible and there are buttons on the side and at the top so there aren't any problems with pressing them through the case. The only problem I could forsee someone having is if they don't use Apple headphones or Apple chargers it might not fit in the slim holes for the headphone jack and the charger. My Apple headphones and charger fit fine though, so I'm very happy with it ^-^


Close up of empty case

Inside of case

As you can see from the photos, the inside of the phone case is well protected, and because of the grid-like inside, the front of the phone is actually a bit squishy and thicker. As well, the front and sides of my phone are well-covered by the phone case, so if I were to drop my phone, the silicone would protect it. As well, the ears, buttons and holes are all cut properly and there isn't any hanging or jaggedly cut silicone which sometimes can happen on similar phone cases.

As usual, I am super happy with my products from Brave Store. They have excellent customer service, average shipping times and are very friendly and easy to talk to if you have any questions or concerns. This phone case is exactly as I expected it to be, and I'm super happy with it. Thanks again to Brave Store for sponsoring me! I highly recommend checking them out as they have plenty of cute things for affordable prices! 


  1. How cute! iPhones always get the cute phone cases :(

    1. aw yeah >_< I guess thats one benefit of my phone even though its so laggy haha