Angel Wing Backpack Review from SYNDROME

Pastel Angel Wing Backpack from SYNDROME 


The design of this bag is fairly simple, but very cute at the same time. Without the wings, there are three buttons on each side which allow your wings (with two buttons on each) to fit in any of the three fashions that are seen in the above pictures. The bag came with pastel pink, pastel blue, and yellow wings and they are interchangeable in all of the different directions as well. 

The bag is white fake leather all around, with gold-coloured rings on the straps and a brownish black interior. I really love this bag, especially because it can be worn as a backpack, as a shoulder bag, or simply as a hand bag because the straps are interchangeable.

The quality of the bag is pretty good, the leathery exterior is good quality and so is the material on the inside of the bag. The only issues I have with the bag is that if I wear it as a shoulder bag when its not full, the zipper folds inwards and starts to come undone, so stuff can potentially fall out.
As well, the one strap that it came with works well for shoulder bag straps, but to wear it as a backpack is a bit confusing since I'm not exactly sure how to make the strap fit like backpack straps? There are three rings on the back, but there are only two clips to attach it to the rings so I guess I'm supposed to thread it through the top ring and attach it on the bottom ones which is a bit confusing.

Other than these small issues, the wings clip on and off well and they are pretty difficult to remove, so you won't be losing them by accident. 

I'm still very happy with this bag, despite the few small issues with it. My mom bought it for me for Christmas, and I've been using it to carry notebooks to school or just to go out with friends. Unfortunately, I can't fit my macbook into it, but an ipad or a small netbook would fit if you planned to use it for school. 

SYNDROME's service was excellent as normal. Everything arrived within the planned shipping time so I could get it in time for Christmas from my lovely mom ♡  I would recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a shoulder bag or mini-backpack and enjoys harajuku fashion.


  1. Cute bag :D I like that it comes with different coloured wings