Aliexpress Finds (◠‿◠✿)

Milk Carton Tote $7.89

This tote is the perfect accessory to add character to an outfit. Though it doesn't necessarily fit well with outfits that already have a lot of attention-drawing pieces, this tote would be perfect for a relatively plain outfit to bring it together. For example, this tote would work really well paired with a white tennis skirt and a black crop top.

Panda Contact Lens Kit $1.40

For anyone who regularly wears contact lenses, whether they are prescription or just circle lenses, a contact lens kit is perfect to carry around in your purse or bag if you ever are in need of eyedrops, or if your contacts start to bother you and you need to take them out but don't have a convenient place to do so. This kit not only comes with a case, but also a bottle for lens solution and forceps, and the panda design is adorable too!

Pastel Lolita Wig $12.19

This wig is a steal at only $12, and it features a lovely combination of pastel blue, purple and pink. Though it might not be for everyone, an adorable wig like this is perfect for lolita cosplay and is absolutely cute on any skin complexion.

Fleece Bear Sweater $13.39

This bear sweater looks incredibly warm and comfortable, making it perfect for lounging around your house or wearing out during winter. Whether you plan to wear it as pyjamas or as a cute sweater is up to you, and for just under $14 it is probably worth purchasing :)

The last item on the list is Tony Moly lip tint for only $3! This lip tint is ideal for achieving the gradient lip style that is so popular among Korean idols right now. Tony Moly is a well-known brand and the price of this lip tint is too low not to consider it a bargain~ 


  1. Oh I was browsing aliexpress website last night in search for an angel wing backpack and I saw that milk bag and it is really cute.Btw,thanks for following my blog.I'll follow you too.