Taobao Haul ♡

So I ordered a ton of things from Taobao for myself after my birthday this year, since I got a lot of spending money from my family. I ordered in total: three wigs, three pairs of stockings, 2 tennis skirts, 2 t-shirts, a TON of cabochons, a cherry hairpin and a kitty-ear beanie.

Here is some pictures I took with my new things :)

The first three pictures are of my 3 wigs that I bought. One is a dark brown wig with long curly hair and bangs. Another is a medium brown with side-bangs and its also long and curly. The last wig is a blonde-pink gradient wig and its long and straight. 

One of the t-shirts I got has the word LONDON in bold, the other has japanese characters and (fuck off) underneath. I also bought the white and black school-girl skirts in the above pictures, as well as 3 different otk-stocking-style tights. 

I am super pleased with all of the things I bought. I literally screamed as I was opening them hehe...
I hope you liked this post ^-^

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