Taobao Birthday Haul ♡

So for my birthday my boyfriend's mom ordered me a lot of stuff from Taobao and I am super excited because all of it is really cute and amazing. I'm so happy, when I got home I tried it all on and I took a bunch of selfies.
So my first outfit that I tried was a mint green teeshirt and a black skirt that has detachable suspenders. I really love the korean style of the shirt. It says "one and only" and has a number 10 on it. I also really like the skirt but the suspenders are a bit too short so it makes the skirt a bit short on me. Otherwise though I'm so happy with the whole outfit.  

The second outfit I tried is really similar to the first, but I changed the mint tee for a pink pastel gingham bandeau top with straps, and a sheer white ruffle shirt that it comes with. I have been seeing this shirt all over storenvy and so I really wanted one. I'm so happy my boyfriend's mom was able to find it on Taobao because the shirt is extremely cute and sweet and it really fits my style. (●´∀`●) 
I also got a similar crop top that is blue and white striped which is really comfortable and stretchy so it fits me really nicely. 

The last outfit I got is this athletic outfit with black booty shorts and a black and white tee with number 63 on it. I also really love the style of this outfit since its very korean and it makes my legs look really nice ^-^ Overall I'm extremely happy with all of the things I got and I am so grateful for my boyfriend's family and how generous they were to me for my birthday ♡ 


In general, the quality of clothes and such from Taobao isn't amazing, but its also worth it for the price. I personally think that you can find styles on Taobao that aren't found anywhere else, which is another reason why I love shopping online. I apologize that all of my photos were taken with my phone in my boyfriend's bathroom since it was late at night and no other rooms had decent lighting. 

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