Circle Lens Review from UNIQSO

Base Curve: 8.7mm
Color Tones: 2 Tones
Diameter: 15mm
Processing Time: 2-3 working days
Remarks: Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period: 12 months
Water Content: 38%

Flash Photography

Natural Light

My eyes are naturally blue, so keep that in mind.  These lenses show up as violet, though it might be a bit hard to tell in the photos. The natural blue of my eye is a bit visible in the middle, however the outside is very violet, and I really like the colours together. I think violet is a colour that suits blue eyes really well.
The design of these lenses is fairly simple, which I like. They look very natural on me, but still give my eyes a doll-like appearance, which I adore. The simplicity of the design is what I really like, since I don't want them to seem too unreal. 
For being a 15mm lens, I think they do a really good job at making my eyes seem a lot larger. They have a thick black rim around the edges, so it definitely gives that doll-like appearance

Wow! These lenses are super comfortable. You can tell that they are good quality because of how easy they are to put on. I can't even tell that I'm wearing them, even after a few hours. My eyes don't get red until multiple hours have passed, which I can just fix with eyedrops.

Really cute lenses.  They work perfectly for my Chitanda Eru cosplay which is pictured above. They accomplish everything that I want them to, and are very comfortable too! I can definitely see myself wearing these, since they are very natural looking and I really like the colour 
I would definitely purchase from Uniqso again because they have excellent customer service and fast shipping. My lenses came in a cute box, and the bottles were also adorable. The case for the lenses is also colour coded which really helps me remember where they are ^-^

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