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Hey everyone! Back to school season is coming up, and I really love shopping for back to school outfits. However, since I am a student and most of the money I earn goes towards paying for university, I try to save as much money as I can on clothing...and everything else. (ñ_ñ)

So recently I've been shopping on Taobao a lot, and I've realized that a lot of cute stuff you can find on storenvy and other online korean and japanese street fashion stores are often found on Taobao for a lot less. It can be really helpful to do the math and calculate the total cost of purchasing something off Taobao compared to the cost of purchasing it from other online stores.

This is going to be a small list of different products I've found on Storenvy that I loved, that I also found on Taobao for cheaper prices. If you have access to Taobao, I highly recommend searching thoroughly before you purchase things with American prices, since either way you are probably paying for shipping.

 $22.22 CAD on Storenvy

I am in no way trying to take away business from storenvy shops, a lot of them offer unique clothing that is very hard to find. This is just my attempt at helping people save money where they can! I'd also like to note that I may not have found the cheapest prices on both Taobao and Storenvy, they are just the ones that came up when I searched.

I hope that this post was helpful, if not only to find some clothing that suits your tastes. If you aren't a fan of any of the clothes I've posted, I hope that this post also shows you that if you know how to search you can find things for a lot cheaper on Taobao ^-^

Good luck on saving money, and have fun shopping!

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