*Update Post * + Happy Monday haul//reviews [photo heavy]

Ahh hello blog! Its nice to be back. As some of you may know, I was taking online courses for school. I am happy to announce that I just finished the last final of my last course and I'm basically graduated now! What does this mean for me? Well I'm not entirely sure.
I'll probably be working more at The Face Shop, maybe not full-time just yet, but close to 30 hours/week. I'll also have more free-time!!! That means that maybe I'll get back into posting on my blog :) (I literally haven't posted anything since back in the summer and it's really sad.)

To start off, I'm sorry to my followers who have been waiting for updates from me. (Probably nobody.) I've managed to stay active on twitter, tumblr and instagram in my spare time, but haven't really had the time (or the effort in me) to write a new post. However, I do have TONS of things to write about and share, and so I'll start off by posting some things I bought from HappyMonday back in December. 

So from HappyMonday I purchased 3 shirts. Not ~exactly~ a haul, but for lack of a better word I'll call it that. This will be less of a review post and more just a -me showing you guys the shirts that I got - post. 

Shirt #1 - " I don't care "

This shirt is super cute, good quality fabric and the print doesn't seem like its the type that will wear away the more you wash it. It fits really nicely as well. It is a bit of a crop top though, so for those of you who hate crop tops, you should stay away~

Shirt #2 - "GameBoy"

Yet another crop top. To be honest, I've seen this shirt circulating around a bit online and I ADORED it. This shirt is actually the #1 reason that I decided to buy anything from Happy Monday. The number of compliments I got the first time I wore this shirt made it worth my money! Its really comfortable and cool and I love it ପ(•̤▿•̤ෆ)

This is another shirt that I had seen online that I was like "wow I need that." It says baby doll in Japanese, which is really adorable, and the quality of the eyes drawn on the shirt is AMAZING. They look sooo nice and I also got quite a few compliments on this shirt (as well as quite a few weird looks from people who were thinking "wow what a weeb.") I apologize for the wig positioning in that last photo, but its mainly to show off the shirt so please ignore my stupid head.~

I love everything that I bought. The shipping was really quick compared to a few of the other items that I bought from other stores and the quality of all of the products is perfect and looks exactly like the images on the website. I will DEFINITELY be buying from Happy Monday again when I find something that I like, and I highly recommend that if you like anything from my post that you check out their website because they have a TON of cute clothing and accessories as well. 
Have fun shopping!!

Choies Sponsored Review (人●´ω`●)


I LOVE these shorts! I've been wearing them almost every day lately haha...they work so well with cropped tops which has been an obsession of mine since forever....They also don't make my bum hang out the back, so they're a little more conservative. I just really love the overall aesthetic of them. They also came with the belt which is a huge bonus for me since I often have a hard time finding belts in my size.

For the price of these jeans, I got the quality I expected. They were sponsored - but I think the price on Choies is only $20.99 so you can't expect them to be high-quality denim. That being said, the lightness of the denim makes them a lot less restricting and they feel airy which I really like when its hot outside. My only complaint is that the stitching on the waist is a bit itchy so I'd prefer to wear a long t-shirt tucked into them rather than having it rub my bare skin. But its not to the point that I'm being irritated. 


These fit me surprisingly well considering I usually have a really hard time finding the right size shorts. I got a small and it fits me really well. Normally my legs look like tooth picks sticking out of shorts, but not with these shorts. The waist is also the right size for me and they aren't baggy in my butt like I had expected. Overall I'm super happy with the fitting ^u^


LOVE LOVE LOVE these shorts. So happy with them! I'm extremely thankful for Choies to sponsoring them to me. I highly recommend getting a pair. These come in sizes XS - XL so I DEFINITELY recommend them for everyone and anyone! I think these can look really great with most shirts and all body types!